In-house regulations


Emergency number for urgent situations

The emergency number for the fire brigade, police force and ambulance is 112 in the Netherlands. This number is only intended for EMERGENCIES (life-threatening situations). Misuse of the emergency number is severely punishable. Always contact Covebo in case of an emergency.

National number police force

The police also has a national telephone number for non-urgent issues: 0900-8844 (i.e. to report theft).




It is not permitted to smoke inside the house (but it is outside).


We believe that causing noise nuisance or other forms of nuisance to persons living nearby is unacceptable behaviour that damages Covebo’s good name. Repeated occurrences of this behaviour may lead to Covebo unilaterally terminating the tenancy agreement. In the Netherlands it is customary to be quiet between 22.00 and 07.00 (e.g. no use of drills, no loud music).


It is not permitted to keep pets/animals in and around the accommodation.




Occupants must keep the accommodation and the garden neat and tidy. It is absolutely forbidden to apply paint in the accommodation, to drill or make holes in walls or to damage the accommodation in any other way.


Occupants must consume energy normally and consciously. This means:

  • At night and when no one is home: set thermostat to maximum 18º C
  • If people are home: set thermostat to maximum 21º C
  • Heating switched off while exterior doors and/or windows are open
  • Lights and appliances switched off when no one is at home and when everyone is asleep.


The occupants themselves are responsible for the removal of waste. When there is too much waste in or around the accommodation, Covebo will remove it. Dumping and labour costs at €34.50 per hour based on the number of man hours spent. The total costs will be appropriately divided among all occupants.




This accommodation is furnished and provided with fixtures. All is in a good and neat condition. If the new occupants find damage or failures to the accommodation, they must report it to Covebo within 24 hours. If they fail to do so, they may later be held liable for the damage reported.


The occupants will be given a key to the accommodation. When they leave or go on holiday they must hand in the key to Covebo. If the house key is lost or not returned, the costs will be deducted from their salary.

Policy deductible

The stay in the accommodation is at employee’s own risk. Occupants are liable themselves for the personal property they have brought with them.




The accommodation should be locked when there is no one inside. This means that the outside doors have to be locked and windows – which are accessible from the outside – shut.

Immediate departure

If the temporary employment agreement is terminated and/or the rental agreement has been canceled because of a failure to comply with the code of conduct or in-house regulations, Covebo need not adhere to the two-week period of accommodation and the concerned resident will have to depart immediately.


It is forbidden to use and possess drugs in and around the accommodations.



Fire safety

In the interest of fire safety, the accommodations are equipped with fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and a fire blanket. These belong to the accommodation, we explicitly request you to leave these things in the accommodation for the safety of all occupants.

Visiting lodgers

It is not permitted to put up people in the accommodation at your own initiative without consulting Covebo. It is only allowed to have people stay in emergencies, you must always consult Covebo first. If you do not report to Covebo that there are people staying with you, Covebo may charge €50 per night / per person to the person responsible in the accommodation.


When damage arises during your stay or if furniture or fixtures go missing, you must immediately report this to Covebo. You can choose to take out third-party insurance (WA-verzekering) via Covebo. If there is damage through no fault of the occupants, it will be compensated by the third-party insurance. If the employee has caused damage deliberately, the costs thereof will be recovered from the employee.



Completion of activities

After completion of the offered work and/or if the temporary employment agreement has ended, you will have the Covebo accommodation at your disposal for maximum two weeks. A fixed amount of €109 per week will be charged for this.


On leave, you will need to leave the accommodation and garden neat and complete. Any damages or losses which have not been reported previously will be recovered from both staying and leaving occupants. This also applies to cleaning charges that are incurred by Covebo to clean up accommodation that was left behind dirty. We will charge €34.50 per hour for each cleaner, based on the number of man hours spent. The total costs will be appropriately divided among all occupants.


In the event of a breach of the above rules, Covebo can impose a fine. Covebo is also obliged to charge on any costs it incurs as the consequence of breaches, or any damage caused, to the employee (= article 12). (For the full overview, see the staff rules.)