Your new job

What to expect

As a machine operator at Can-Pack Helmond, you are responsible for the production run, and you ensure that it runs as smoothly as possible. You work in one of the most modern production halls where attention for details and neatness are very important.

  • You will control different machines and keep these and your tools in good condition.
  • You constanly use visual inspections to make sure everything is up to standards.
  • You will fix small errors and repairs on the machine, and when you can’t find or fix the error you will contact the Setter for assistance.
  • You work together and help other operators when neccesary.
  • You make sure your work environment is clean and safe.
  • You will make notes of all problems that occur during your shift.

About the company

A short introduction

Can-Pack Helmond operates in the metal packaging market for over 30years. During this period, Can pack Group has become a leading manufacturer in the beverage packaging industry in Central and Eastern Europe, and constantly strengthens its market position in Western Europe, Asia and Africa. In the recent years the CANPACK Group has achieved spectacular success, evolving into a modern Capital Group and is now one of the leading manufacturers of metal packaging in the world. The plants of the Group employ nearly 8 000 people worldwide. The installed capacity currently allows to offer approximately 25 billion of beverage cans, around 28 billion pieces of bottle closures, approximately 1 billion of metal containers for the food and the chemical industries, and approximately 700 tons of glass packaging a year.

What we can offer

Besides personal contact
  • Your bruto wage will be €20,11 including shifts (128,5%).
  • You will recieve travel expenses of 0,21 ct/km.
  • You will work fulltime in 5 shifts. The shifts are: 06:00 till 14:00, 14:00 till 22:00 and 22:00 till 06:00.
  • Every employee is given the possibilities to keep learning and develop your skills.
  • After a period of time it’s likely that you will get a steady position within Can-pack (vast contract)

What we ask

and expect from you
  • You have a technical background.
  • You can speak and read English well.
  • You have experience controlling machines.
  • Base skills and knowledge of technical problem solving.
  • You have eye for details and can work precisely.
  • You live in or around Helmond.

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